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Facebook is the most popular social media site in the current world and it is associated with the messenger app for easy messaging or chatting voice chat and also video chatting or conversation. By the messenger app, users can also participate or play games with their friends.

In this normal feature anyone can send a message or another content gradually by adding a huge number of people or use to their network as friends and can communicate themselves but whee anyone can found an error message that says that “You cannot reply to this conversation”, It might be because of ….extra then the system shows the user the actual cause or their (Facebook ) terms and condition ….this maybe like this……

1. The content, message, or something that you shared recently to your friends or group that is unusual and it is against the Facebook community standards.

2. You recently attached an unusual number of message or multiple contents at a time may seem to like spam to Facebook messenger security system

3. You shared the same content to the huge number of the person within a minute that may look like a robot work or spam

4. The message or content that you shared is unwelcome or the user makes a report about your content that you have been sent.

5. Your friends or the person whom you want to send the message he/she blocked you or they were blocked by you from your sides.

6. You tried to send other social media links or addresses that will move forward the user from Facebook to another site will be spam and then the community will block you, and you will see that “you can not reply to this conversation.”.