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The social network Instagram has developed many useful features - from creating business profiles for entrepreneurs or freelancers to viewing detailed statistics for each piece of content.

In the old version of Instagram, users could see who people were following in the What's New section. This option is currently unavailable. However, you can find out who the person followed to on Instagram and about the followers' updates in other ways.

Who first followed to Instagram

If you want to know who first signed up for your account, you have to work a little. You need to go to the section of your own notifications and rewind the alerts until the date when you registered on Instagram.

There you can see who became your first follower. There is no other way to find out such information. Even if apps say they can show Instagram stats like this, it's a hoax because the functionality hasn't been developed yet.

If you only want to track one user, you can use the trial version of the service. If there are more users, you will have to follow. It also helps track down unscrupulous bloggers.

Who was the last to follow on Instagram

This method is easier, because you need to go to your notifications in the paragraph with the heart icon and see the notifications from Instagram. The last follower will be the highest. Next to the nickname of the user, the period when he followed is shown.

Why Instagram itself follows to strangers

The main reasons why unwanted Instagram followings appear:

  1. Social network problems on the system side. Instagram spam accounts are more prone to this phenomenon. Unbeknownst to the owners, new people appear in the section with followers, but the user does not receive a notification about this. The situation is not fully understood, and the platform developers do not say anything about it.
  2. Programs on the phone. If you sin by cheating followers, you may have noticed that when registering for a promotion service, you give applications access to a social network. Therefore, the application system follows you to other accounts. To get rid of the problem, you need to check the promotion services and their access to your account. If you do not need such surprises and new people in subscriptions, cancel the access of other people and services to your account.

You can check the applications due to which Instagram itself follows to other accounts, as follows:

  • go to social networks to your account from a PC or computer;
  • then tap on the "Edit" button in the profile;
  • then go to the "Applications and sites" section. In the list, you will see all third-party services and applications that have access to the page. In addition to applications, there is information about permissions;
  • if you find mass-liking or mass-following apps in the list, deny access. In a couple of days, you can assess whether it was the reason for the subscriptions. If the process continues, you can return access to the utility for further work.

If you know who the system was following for you, you can delete these accounts. To do this, open the section with subscriptions and opposite the required page, click on the "Subscriptions" button.

You can avoid such incidents by immediately adding these accounts to the blacklist. This is done on the user's page. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select the inscription "Block".

So you can view other people's subscriptions and who followed to whom on Instagram. Write your comments, if you have any questions, we will definitely help you solve them!