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Programming languages ​​are like the bread and butter of the life of an engineering professional. It does not matter if you dedicate yourself to computer science or industrial engineering, electronics or civil engineering: you need to master one (or several) of the most demanded programming languages to develop the functions of your work.

But, beware, in the world of programming, not just anything is worth it. When it comes to investing your time in studying a language, you should be clear that there are dozens of standards and that not all of them will be useful to you. Have a mind and make the most of your time. At BETWEEN we help you by telling you which are the most demanded programming languages ​​in the world of engineering .

What are the most popular programming languages?

The TIOBE index studies the popularity of the different programming languages, establishing a monthly ranking based on the number of queries made in the main Internet search engines about each one of them. It serves as a guideline to determine which programming languages are most in demand by the job market and, based on the records collected since 2001, to foresee their evolution in the future.

Taking the most recent measurements of the TIOBE index as a reference, let's see which are some of the most widely used programming languages ​​in the world.

1. Java

Java is a safe value, especially if we think that it is the language in which the Android operating system has been developed . It is versatile, versatile and very stable, ideal for projects that require months or years of work. Its great strength? What is multiplatform.

2 C

C is one of the programming languages ​​behind the developer's favorite operating system, Linux. It is a simple and clean standard, but it requires thoroughness in writing the code . It allows to make embedded systems.

3. Python

Python is an open source language with great potential for the future. In fact, TIOBE has designated it as the star language of 2018 . Highly demanded in sectors such as video games or big data , we can find it behind applications such as Instagram or Dropbox. Lately it has gained great relevance in the field of education due to the simplicity of its syntax.

4. C ++

Conceived as an evolution of C, it reaches its maximum usefulness in the development of mobile apps, video games and applications for Linux and Windows . Programming in conjunction with C and C ++ we will obtain better performance.

5. JavaScript

It is the programming language par excellence within the set of those that run on the client side. It is object-oriented and is one of the most used on the Internet , where it supports the creation of dynamic content and enriches the interaction with the web.

6. PHP

Multiplatform and simple in its syntax, PHP plays an important role in many of today's websites, especially if they have a dynamic element. Knowing PHP opens the doors to numerous job opportunities in the world of development on the Internet . As a curiosity, it should be noted that WordPress, an iconic CMS where they exist, is made with PHP.

7. SQL

The main utility of SQL resides in the management of databases . SQL is the bridge that makes it possible to query and update databases, providing access to information through algebra and relational calculus operations.

8. Ruby

Ruby is one of the most demanded programming languages ​​within the current trend of opting for standards that are increasingly assimilable to English . It is open source, multiplatform and, thanks to its high flexibility and its organization in blocks, it allows you to do almost everything. Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR or Rails, is an open source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language.

What programming languages ​​should you master to work in engineering?


When faced with the question of which are the most demanded programming languages ​​to work in engineering, there are obviously no absolute answers. It will depend on the requirements of the job and the functions it entails.

However, we can identify a few that stand out for the volume of job offers that request them or for their functionalities, which are especially attractive for engineering professionals:

  • Java is a constant in the vacancies of the sector. It often serves as a gateway to the job market for junior IT profiles, but it is also one of the most in-demand programming languages ​​for senior positions.
  • C is essential if you want to embark on the most innovative engineering projects, such as those related to the IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Python is the language that, today, presents a greater projection. If you are thinking of making a career move in a few months, you should consider learning it.
  • MATLAB , despite being less well known than the rest, has a very good press in the world of science and engineering. "MATLAB is present in active safety systems for automobiles, interplanetary spacecraft, health monitoring devices, smart electrical grids and LTE mobile networks", as highlighted on its website.

Get up-to-date on the most demanded programming languages ​​in the engineering sector and your opportunities to advance in your professional career will multiply. Take the leap with BETWEEN.