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The problem is that there is no easy way to print the list of files in a folder because it cannot be brought into existence and copied into a printable text document.

When you copy and paste a folder, you are referring to the transfer of files, not their names.

Most geeks and those with more experience know that it is possible to get the list of files in a folder and copy it to a text file using a DOS command.

By opening the command line (Start - Run - type "cmd") you can start to test what happens when you type "dir"

Dir is the command to get the list of files in a directory at the back.

If you write "dir list.txt" you can copy the directory listing you are in into a text file that can be opened with the specifications and can be printed.

The Dir command also has several options, from the command line, they allow you to get the list of files in each folder and subfolder, sorted by name or by size or creation date.

With the command dir / b / a: -d / o: n filelist.txt creates a text file in the folder where you are invited back to the file list

To see all the options simply just type "dir /?" And read the quick guide that appears there.

However, since this command prompt method is extremely cumbersome and not quite fast, you need program that gives you the ability to copy all the names of the files in a folder or directory into a text file and maybe you you can print this list with one click.

The best program to print the list of files in a folder called Karen's Directory Printer .

It is a tool that can be installed for free on your Windows computer.

Whenever you need to print the list of music or movies you have on your computer, you can open the printer directory and, with a single click, print the list.

This little program also revealed a new file printing item in the menu that appears when clicking on a folder.

Options include all criteria sort files, by date, by creation date, by size, by mail, in ascending or descending order, and so on.

Another small program to keep the list of files in a printed text document Dir Lister is free to download and it is very easy to export the list of files and folders in HTML or TXT format.

It is very simple and without too many options, it looks like a normal tool to navigate through the folders and see the files inside, allowing you to print a text document.

With the List & Print program you can copy and paste a folder or any list of files into a Word or Excel spreadsheet, including the details of the file such as creation date, size and path other things.

In this way, it becomes very easy to print the sheet with the list of files found in the Windows folder.