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Utilize the DCount capacity to include the quantity of records in a space when you don't have to know their specific qualities. Albeit the expr contention can play out a computation on a field, the DCount work essentially counts the quantity of records. The worth of any computation performed by expr is inaccessible. 

Utilize the DCount work in a determined control when you need to indicate standards to limit the scope of information on which the capacity is performed. For instance, to show the quantity of orders to be delivered to California, set the ControlSource property of a book box to the accompanying articulation: 

=("[OrderID]", "Orders", "[ShipRegion] = 'CA'") 

On the off chance that you basically need to include all records in area without indicating any limitations, utilize the Count work. 

Tip The Count work has been improved to speed including of records in inquiries. Utilize the Count work in a question articulation rather than the DCount capacity, and set discretionary models to authorize any limitations on the outcomes. Utilize the DCount work when you should include records in a space from inside a code module or large scale, or in a determined control. 

You can utilize the DCount capacity to tally the quantity of records containing a specific field that isn't in the record source on which your structure or report is based. For instance, you could show the quantity of orders in the Orders table in a determined control on a structure dependent on the Products table. 

The DCount work doesn't tally records that contain Null qualities in the field referred to by expr except if expr is the mark (*) special case character. On the off chance that you utilize a bullet, the DCount work figures the complete number of records, including those that contain Null fields. The accompanying model figures the quantity of records in an Orders table. 

intX = DCount("*", "Orders") 

On the off chance that space is a table with an essential key, you can likewise check the all out number of records by setting expr to the essential key field, since there won't ever be a Null in the essential key field. 

On the off chance that expr distinguishes numerous fields, separate the field names with a connection administrator, either an ampersand (and) or the expansion administrator (+). On the off chance that you utilize an ampersand to isolate the fields, the DCount work returns the quantity of records containing information in any of the recorded fields. On the off chance that you utilize the expansion administrator, the DCount work returns just the quantity of records containing information in the entirety of the recorded fields. The accompanying model exhibits the impacts of every administrator when utilized with a field that contains information in all records (ShipName) and a field that contains no information (ShipRegion). 


intW = DCount("[ShipName]", "Orders") 

intX = DCount("[ShipRegion]", "Orders") 

intY = DCount("[ShipName] + [ShipRegion]", "Orders") 

intZ = DCount("[ShipName] and [ShipRegion]", "Orders") 

Unsaved changes to records in area are excluded when you utilize this capacity. On the off chance that you need the DCount capacity to be founded on the changed qualities, you should initially save the progressions by clicking Save Record under Records on the Data tab, moving the concentration to another record, or by utilizing the Update strategy.

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