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REST APIs / Services with Spring boot

First create a project with spring starter from here :- , Fill the form and select dependencies from add dependencies button. Select lombok, Spring Data JPA, H2 Database.
Then Generate a project and open it in your IDE.
Now we will need below things minimum to develop REST API :
Controller – Which will serve to HTTP end points.
Service – Which will be used for defining our business logic.
Repository – Which will be used for communicating with DB with our POJO structure.
Model – Which will be our model which directly communicate to DB and HTTP call.
Now let’s first make Our Model ---
public class UserDTO {

private Long id;

private String name;

private String mobile;

private String address;

private Integer age;



Now let’s make Repository layer ---
public interface HomeRepository extends JpaRepository<UserDTO,Long>{


Now We will need to make our service which will used to get users.


public class HomeService{


private HomeRepository homeRepo;

public List<UserDTO> getAll() {

return homeRepo.findAll();




Create a controller like this and import inbuilt classes …...



public class HomeController{

private HomeService homeService;

public List<UserDTO> getUsers(){
return homeService.getAll();




Now we will need to configure  H2 properties in proprty file ---



Now in post man hit api with http://localhost:8080/getUser  this will get All users  in database. In nnext blog we will see full CRUD with Spring boot.

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I&rsquo;m so happy to meet this blog that makes me understand a lot. After I read it again and again, I understand many lessons in this blog.
Thank you. A thousand thousand blessings to you for sharing knowledge.

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