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leveraging service workers and the powerful Cache API for creating fast and app-like experiences on the web.In this article, I will be including various ways in which you can leverage the powerful Cache API on the web.The Cache API allows d...
posted 1 day ago dev 124 points
14 2 1 min.
Difference between web api and web serviceA lot of people use the terms Web services and APIs  interchangeably because they think they  are the same thing when in fact they are not  the same. You can be forgiven for thinking so . After...
posted 4 days ago offonime 249 points
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How call REST Services in Android Application Let’s start this project by creating a new project in Android Studios and name it *VolleyTutorial*. Including the dependencies for the following in your build.gradle (Module:app). Add...
posted Jun 7 darshan1507 294 points
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What is an API ? API stands for Application Programming Interface where it allows two applications to communicate with each other. The communication could handle data such as details or a transaction, numbers, strings or text, statuses and so on...
posted Apr 20 maazmasood 100 points
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The QuerySelector API is a Javascript API that allows us to execute selectors to access elements of the DOM of a web page. Something that frameworks like jQuery had already implemented a long time ago, but that we now have as standard in Javascript ....
posted Apr 20 amna 112,545 points
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1. What is Google Maps?Google Maps is a web-based service developed by Google. It contains geographical information and provides routes and information to the client.2. Does google maps have APIs?Yes, google maps have APIs. The google maps APIs allow...
posted Dec 29, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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List of angularjs services required to perform automatic scrolling$anchorScroll :$anchorScroll$anchorScrollProvider.service in module ngYou can use the “anchorScroll” API service in Angularjs with a view to automatic scrolling in an ...
posted Apr 13, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
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