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We divide large projects into different tiers to manage them more easily. Mostly the ASP.NET applications are divided into three tiers. In this article, we are going to see w**hat is three-tier architecture in ASP.NET.** What is 3-tier Architectur...
posted Sep 13 Hafsa_Rao 358 points
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Client-server interactions tend to happen incessantly and smoothly. Despite this, a 400 Bad Request error usually indicates a request that hasn’t been met successfully, or could mean that the remote server you sent your request to cou...
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What is WEB API?In order to understand the concepts of WEB APIs in-depth, we need to understand what do APIs actually mean. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. According to the definition of API by Wikipedia, an application progr...
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What is ASP.NET MVC? ASP.NET MVC is an open-source web improvement system from Microsoft that gives a Model View Controller engineering. MVC allows an advantage in opposition to web structures for building web applications. It is...
posted Dec 3, 2020 amna 2,504 points
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The role of the ASP.NET application developer is in high demand now, as more companies look to gain a competitive advantage through better software programming. But before the vacancy is posted, two things should be kept in mind:First, because t...
posted Dec 3, 2020 amna 2,504 points
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Undoubtedly, attending a job interview will create stress and some tension, since we are looking to improve our economy, so in these types of situations knowledge might fail due to these concerns so it is convenient to anticipate to certain issues su...
posted Dec 3, 2020 amna 2,504 points
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In this post I am going to explain the logic that I use to implement roles and permissions with ASP.NET MVC, for this, I have created 4 tables.DATABASE:User: this table manages all the users of our system, and has a field called Rol_id, which re...
posted Oct 22, 2020 amna 2,504 points
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Solution:Follw the below steps to solve this problemFirst thing, you have to do in your ReportId class, alter the paramm member to be a List<Dictionary<string, string>> instead of object[].public cl...
posted Jul 17, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 576 points
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