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* = Is the assignment operator. This is useful shortcuts and one as when writing any old application to utilize your time well be appreciated. (Check the example 1)Example 1:int num = 1;num * = 5;// same thing asnum = num * 5;Now something else about...
posted Oct 9, 2020 Hasnain_khan 100 points
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In this article, I will teach you some basic operators Java in detail. Java provides a rich set of operators to manipulate variables. We can divide all Java operator into the following groups -arithmetic operatorsrelational operatorbitwise operatorlo...
posted Oct 9, 2020 Hasnain_khan 100 points
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We often get errors in programming. Let me break down the error “not match for operator ‘=’” the error is trying to tell us that the operands we used around the operator are miss matched. Yes! I know it seems to be bullshit bu...
posted Jul 15, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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Solution:if (fullname.indexOf = -1) index Of requires a parameter - You perhaps meant if (indexOfSpace === -1)= is assignment. == or === is comparisonfirstname = fullname.slice(0,indexOfSpace);lastname = f...
posted Jun 30, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
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According to the above statement, the num is a variable which represents that the number of type integer and 4 is the value which we have to assign the variable num. The value is assigned by using the “=” operator. So the statement will b...
posted Apr 11, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
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