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▪ Introduction C language : Today's question is very important in which we will learn how to use normal function and static function in C language while learning programming language.C++ is a programing language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 197...
posted Sep 13 Tania 937 points
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Introduction function and method in java:It is human nature to depend on others despite the fact that human beings are noble creatures. They cannot carry out the tasks of their daily life on their own. They need someone. For example, if  If my c...
posted Aug 17 Tania 937 points
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Reversing a string is simple if you are allowed to use the built-in functions but have you ever wondered how to reverse a string without using any built-in function? If not, then you are going to find this in this article. To reverse a string wi...
posted Aug 9 Hafsa_Rao 358 points
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While attempting an online quiz for programming in Python, a lot of people must have come across the following question:In Python, what is the input() feature best described as?Many people might have answered this question correctly but some mig...
posted Jun 26 Hafsa_Rao 358 points
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 Reversing a String in Java is so simple and easy. We can do this simply by using the StringBuilder class. By reversing means that if a string is “Hello world”, the output should be “world Hello” and vice versa. So, in th...
posted Jun 2 Hafsa_Rao 358 points
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