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Introduction Recyclebin:When we work on a lot of computers and save a lot of data, files and documents in the computer. If our data is suddenly deleted, it makes us cry. Even after a lot of hard work, the documents do not come to light.  So it m...
posted 5 days ago Tania 754 points
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From the browser Settings you can manage its operation and make all the changes that are necessary. The auto - fill forms are one of the options that can be modified by accessing the Chrome settings .To ge...
posted Jul 3 amna 113,127 points
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Individuals who use Google Chrome for web perusing have been revealing of noticing a jewel formed catch adjacent to the bookmark's star that is shown when visiting certain sites. At the point when the mouse pointer is floated on the catch, it sho...
posted Jul 1 amna 113,127 points
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For those who are not clear on the subject, this article is about how to open a link in a new tab. When you click a link normally, the web page does one of two things. Either the link sends you to the destination (usually it's another w...
posted Jun 29 amna 113,127 points
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If you are used to browsing the Internet using incognito mode, you may have noticed that the extensions do not work in this mode. Now we are going to explain how to activate your Chrome extensions also in incognito browsing.Incognito mode preven...
posted Jun 28 amna 113,127 points
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Learning to code is an important advantage in professional life . Many sectors are looking for profiles with basic knowledge of computer languages.Programming and running a dynamic website to create a website on a specific server and web ho...
posted Jun 24 amna 113,127 points
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 What to do if iFrames are getting blocked by the Chrome browser?iFrame not working in Chrome? The easiest solution would be to try a completely different browser1. Give a try to a different browser2. Disable/enable iFrames from Internet Options...
posted May 20 Sanjana Sagar 499 points
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Tumblr is a fun and addictive social network that allows you to share videos, documents, audio, and thoughts with your followers. It also allows you to follow different people and receive their posts. Sometimes you may come across interesti...
posted Mar 29 amna 113,127 points
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