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Once we have designed an HTML form, we will find the users entering data through these forms. It will be in these cases that the situation in which we need to confirm certain information on the page may arise. That is, ask the user if he is sure of a...
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Both Big Data, Business Analytics and Business Intelligence allow data analysis in order to extract as much information as possible , however, there are differences between them:Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence and Business Analyti...
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1. What is Hive?Hive is a tool to process structured data in Hadoop. We also call a data warehouse infrastructure. Moreover, to summarize Big Data, it resides on top of Hadoop. Also, makes querying and analyzing easy.However, the Apache Software Foun...
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The program that gives information that invalid choices has been made are known as input validation.What is input validation?Input validation is also called data validation that performs proper testing on any input that is supplied by a user or appli...
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We already have learnt how to read data from a txt file in C++? What if we only want integers to be read out, today we are going to learn about that → How to read integers from a txt file in C++? The program we are going to learn will read only ...
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What and How we are going to learn?Today we are going to learn how to read a text file and print its data into an array in C++.For understanding we are writing a program for a company, in this program, we will read data from the given text file( whic...
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