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If you want to center a list in HTML then you need to follow the given code example, just use some CSS properties to center a listApproach:In this problem, we will use CSS property for center list items in a webpage so before using CSS propertie...
posted Oct 16, 2020 Prasandeep Gautam 190 points
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The Listbox widget is a standard Tkinter widget used to display a list of alternatives. The listbox can only contain text items, and all items must have the same font and color. Depending on the widget configuration, the user can choose one...
posted Jun 19, 2020 Abhay Kumar Prajapat 100 points
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In this, we will learn how we can display the selected value in PHP from the database, We will receive the drop-down list with the post method because it is secure and data can not be damaged. So here is complete step by step to display the drop-down...
posted Apr 25, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
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