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Difference between static and dynamic in javaThe main difference between Static and Dynamic Polymorphism is that Static Polymorphism is a type of polymorphism that resolves at compile time while Dynamic Polymorphism is a type of polymo...
posted May 29 Sanjana Sagar 499 points
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To understand Dynamic binding let’s see what are virtual functions and what binding means. Binding refers to the process of converting identifiers such as variable and function calls into addresses by the compiler.Virtual Function&nbs...
posted May 16 iamdpunkr 100 points
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Explanation of the type: varIn C# 3.0 or later, var type used for implicitly typed local variables and for anonymous types. The keyword var is often used with LINQ.When a variable declared as a var type, the variable's type is specified from the ...
posted May 7 mhfaisal 415 points
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OverviewIn C++ there is a term binding which means a link between the function definition and function call. C++ offers two types of binding which are static binding and dynamic binding. Down below they are briefly discussed.Static bindingThe static ...
posted Apr 28, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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