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Accessing all the files , folders and sub folders in a directory in java suppose you are creating a music player software in java , in order to give the user a great experience your software may have to look at every possible directories for audio f...
posted Aug 17 Takele 262 points
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DropIt personally is my favorite tool because it has a ton of useful options and it really allows you to control exactly what files / folders you want to process using its examples or by using regular expressions. If you have a complicated set of rul...
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Setting up an automatic file transfer is relatively easy on macOS. This is because you only need to use one application to write and program your script on a Mac.We are talking about the Automator application, which you can use to automate many ...
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Google Drive does not offer a way to copy a folder and all its contents when using the web-based application. Instead, you need to copy the contents of the folder, create a new folder, and then paste everything into the destination folder.To avo...
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It must be said that the Windows 10 file explorer also allows us to activate the check boxes next to the files and folders on our hard drive, however, it also requires that we have to double-click to open them. Therefore, if we want to open file...
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We have already seen in various apps that we can view images saved in sdcard folder in android. And that's really helps in using that allocated sapce by just accessing sdcard folder.If you want to do the same for your android application and you ...
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Error Source Folder Is Not A Java Project in EclipseIn this article we will learn about how to solve an error Source Folder Is Not A Java Project If you wanna try to import a maven project into eclipse or create web maven project in eclipse, it is li...
posted Oct 12, 2020 Hasnain_khan 0 points
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