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**Problem :** ========= Getting following issue ggplot2 error **geom_path issue: each group consists of only one observation. Should i adjust the group aesthetic?** Solution : ---------- *Startup **R** in a fresh session and please use bellow co...
posted Nov 22 Alecxe01 807 points
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**Problem:** ======== I have very good knowledge of r, **ggplot**, and **Unix**. I am now a days trying to analyze the dataset of the **GSR** values. I had first transformed all my the required **Unix** values into the readable data and after that, ...
posted Nov 10 Alecxe01 807 points
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**Problem :** ========= *I think my dataframe is correct and my code is also okay. But I am facing following error:* **Error in, .Call(C_palette2, NULL)) : invalid graphics state** What is wrong with my below data? ...
posted Nov 8 Alecxe01 807 points
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