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Find highest and lowest of five integers using java loops Loops Loop statements in java will execute a set of code repeatedly until certain condition is met. These are also called the iteration statements. Java supplies *for, while and do-while* lo...
posted Oct 20 DivyaN 507 points
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Overview java program:Java array is an ordered collection of primitive. In addition, there is also a collection of object references, or other arrays. Java arrays are homogeneous. Except for polymorphisms.  If so, you specify the element type. A...
posted Aug 14 Tania 937 points
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Hello reader, Welcome to my post :)Here in this post, we shall discuss how we can find the minimum element in a stack in O(1) time. The stack can be defined as a data structure which would hold data in a linear fashion and would provide support to fu...
posted Aug 10 kesav.eee 208 points
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Find maximum and minimum numbers in an array in javaMaximum: We will find the highest number in an arrayMinimum: We will find the lowest number in an arrayimport java.util.Arrays; public class kodlogs { static int maximum; static int mini...
posted Aug 5 usmanhashmi 211 points
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If you are a fresher, you might have encountered this question in your interviews i.e program to find a maximum and minimum number in an array in java. Let us understandAlgorithm to find the maximum and minimum number in an array in javaTake the...
posted May 30 Being human 57 points
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Using Arrays.sort method to Find Maximum and Minimum Values in an Array int[] nums={6,-1,-2,-3,0,1,2,3,4};Arrays.sort(nums);System.out.println("Minimum = " + nums[0]);System.out.println("Maximum = " + nums[nums.length-1]);You...
posted May 20 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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In this blog, we will see How to find minimum value in array recursion java.Given an array of integers arr, the task is to find the minimum element of the array using recursion.example:Input: arr = {1, 4, 3, -5, -4, 8, 6};Output: min = -5, max = 8Inp...
posted Oct 13, 2020 Hasnain_khan 0 points
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c++ program to find maximum and minimum of n numbersWe will follow simple steps to write a program to find the maximum and minimum of n numbers.Steps:1. Flowchart2. Algorithm3. CodeStep 1 and step 2 are baby steps, even you can skip step 1 and what I...
posted Apr 16, 2020 Lalit Kumar 0 points
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