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**Problem:** ======== *I need someone to solve my issue one " unable to add window -- token null is not valid; is your activity running?"* Thanks Solution: --------- *In this case, the problem is that you can’t reliably pass the recent activity ...
posted Nov 13 Alecxe01 807 points
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**Problem :** ========= *I am very new to **PHP** and **MySQL** and I just can't figure this one out. I have searched all around the forums but haven't found the answer I can make sense of. I originally was using `mysql_fetch_assoc()` but I could on...
posted Nov 8 Alecxe01 807 points
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**Problem:** ======== I need someones' help on *warning: mysqli_select_db() expects parameter 1 to be MySQL, string given in* Thanks Solution: --------- In this case i guess your arguments are in the wrong order. Note thatthe connection comes ...
posted Nov 4 Alecxe01 807 points
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Problem: -------- Hello Kodlogs, I recently started learning programming and I am a little curious about how large enterprise applications are made. I came to know that SQL is used to handle data for large applications. I want to know more about it...
posted Sep 22 john_dev 45 points
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This blog post will demonstrate how to properly use MySQLi and run SQL queries using it. The error statement this blog’s title has in it, mostly occur due to the code not able to properly migrate the SQL queries from MySQL driver to MySQLi driv...
posted Aug 27 ahsanhanif99 202 points
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This article is going to give an in depth information about how to add a column in your MySQL database with Auto Increment turned ON. This article will also demonstrate how to change an existing column to auto increment. What is Auto Increm...
posted Aug 6 ahsanhanif99 202 points
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