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Symbols that can perform operations on values or variables are known as operators. For example +, -, =, %, << etc. Cout operator (<<) is used to print the output to the screen. Operands are the values or the variable on which operators pe...
posted Sep 15, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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The above error message means that the programmer applied pointer deference to integer i.e. got the value from a memory location where the pointer points.  Asteric (*) allows the programmer to access data from main memory when dereferencing. The...
posted Sep 9, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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Pointers are good to have in your program. But also can be difficult to learn. &ldquo;Indirection Requires Pointer Operand ('Int' Invalid)&rdquo; is an error which occur because of a pointer. I give the cause and the solution of the e...
posted Sep 6, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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Having two strings declared, they can be different or the same. If the characters contained by the strings are equal then they are the same otherwise they are not. And this is the approach we will be using to compare two strings.MethodsWe can compare...
posted Jun 14, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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No operator matches these operandsProblem and CauseToday we are going to discuss the error “no operator matches these operands”. The cause behind these errors is common but the error isn’t. This error is caused by the availability o...
posted Apr 22, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
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