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**Problem:** ======== *Hi there! I have been learning to program for a long time now and I recently learned inheritance in Java. I wrote the following program for practice:* class Institutions { public void print_institutions() ...
posted Nov 21 Alecxe01 807 points
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Before understanding interface let us first understand What is an abstract method?A method who’s structure is defined but not its implementation is called abstract method. These methods are preceded with the keyword abstract.A typical method is defin...
posted Sep 4 DivyaN 507 points
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In any programming language, there is always a starting point from where your program will start to execute. In Java Programming language, the main() method is the starting point. The main() method have a proper signature:Syntax:class Human{ public s...
posted May 27 Being human 57 points
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According to the rules in the override, you can not apply weak access specifier. Suppose access specifier more powerful, parent class has a method Display () with a strong access specifier like public, then you cannot use the access specifier weak as...
posted Oct 12, 2020 Hasnain_khan 0 points
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This blog will help you in solving the most important issue public key in reply and Keystore do not match.Summarythe public key in reply and Keystore do not matchStepsWhen importing cert into a formidable system gain error a:"Keytool error:...
posted Oct 11, 2020 Hasnain_khan 0 points
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These keywords (except package-private) are used to manage access or visibility of class attributes (which represent data) to other classes that interact with the class that contains the attribute(s). So what are the major differences between th...
posted Apr 6, 2020 Alex Samson 0 points
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