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Have you ever stood in a long queue waiting for your turn to grab something? Absolutely yes, not just you and me I think most of us will experience this.In the real scenario, a queue has the following mechanism:A person will join at the end of t...
posted Sep 2 DivyaN 363 points
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A Queue is a linear structure which follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. The order is First In First Out (FIFO). A good example of a queue is any queue of consumers for a resource where the consumer that came first is ser...
posted Aug 19 Yogesh Sharma 337 points
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Stack and Queue are the data structures that are used to store the data temporarily during the program execution. The purpose of both data structures is the same but there are some differences between both. In this article, we are going to see those ...
posted Jul 28 Hafsa_Rao 358 points
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In Computer Science, Circular Queue also called Ring Buffer is a linear data structure that implements a special type of base queue data structure. If a collection of elements are stored in a sequence and then the manipulation operations are per...
posted Jul 12 mhfaisal 275 points
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What is the difference between a stack and a queue<!-- BEGIN JS TAG - Optimize Passback RON < - DO NOT MODIFY --><!-- END TAG --><!-- BEGIN JS TAG - Optimize Passback RON < - DO NOT MODIFY --><!-- END TAG -->Stack A...
posted May 28 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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Hello reader, Warm greetings!In this post, we shall be discussing the priority queues and how to implement the queue using java. In simple terms, the priority queue belongs to the queue family but the priority queue has some special features which di...
posted May 22 kesav.eee 208 points
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Being a major principle in the foundations of the Computer Science field, a good Data Structure implementation is crucial to have a clean and optimized code.It all started with 2 structures called: Array and LinkedList. And all other DS are deri...
posted Sep 12, 2020 Michel Maalouly 0 points
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