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Started services are launched by other application components (such as an activity or even a broadcast receiver) and potentially run indefinitely in the background until the service is stopped, or is destroyed by the Android runtime system in order ...
posted Sep 23 Takele 64 points
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The Android Service class is designed specifically to allow applications to initiate and perform background tasks. Unlike broadcast receivers, which are intended to perform a task quickly and then exit, services are designed to perform tasks that tak...
posted Sep 10 Takele 64 points
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A service must, as has already been mentioned, be created as a subclass of the Android Service class (more specifically or a sub-class thereof (such as As part of the subclassing procedure, one or more...
posted Sep 10 Takele 64 points
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Consumers are increasingly choosing businesses that prioritize exceptional customer service according to the customer experience (CX). In the long run, businesses benefit greatly from retaining themselves. A good customer experience relies on a live ...
posted Aug 10 muthuannamalai 69 points
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Building a PWA can sometimes get a bit complex if you also want to add offline capabilities and whereas it takes time to build a good offline experience, you may spot more ways that you can enhance this offline experience for your users. One of these...
posted Aug 9 dev 45 points
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Hello reader, Welcome to my post :)In this post, we shall discuss different ways of creating a service in angularjs. We shall see about the need for a service in an angular application, also about the different ways for creating the services. We woul...
posted Jul 26 kesav.eee 208 points
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Difference between web application and web serviceA Web service is a web application component that uses a standardized format like XML to interact with other web applications over the internet. Check our post What is a Web Service? for a d...
posted May 22 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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Each one knows that higher teaching students have to write many essays on their science subject.  The students have to study more about their subject to complete their essays. So they really find trouble with writing their essay by self. The hig...
posted Apr 30 Adriantoth 0 points
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