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The structured query language is almost the same for MySQL, SQL Server, or other database management systems. Most of the commands are the same and used for the same purpose. In this post, we are going to see the **difference between the truncate and...
posted Sep 13 Hafsa_Rao 358 points
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TRUNCATE, DELETE and DROP commands are used to delete or remove data and tables from a database. Although their function is the same, all of these commands are used for different purposes. In this article, we are going to see the difference between T...
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DELETE and TRUNCATE are two terms used in structured query language (SQL) to delete record or data from a table. Although the end result of both commands is the same, there are also some differences between these two that are important to unders...
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Difference between drop and truncate in sql serverTRUNCATE, DELETE, and DROP SQL queries are often used in SQL Server to delete data from a database. Learn tthe difference between TRUNCATE, DELETE, and DROP in SQL.  TRUNCATE TRUNC...
posted May 28 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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The main difference between deletion and truncation is that delete deletes one, several or all records from the table, while truncation deletes all records as well as the table structure from the database yes Content:What is deleteWhat is trunca...
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