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SQL  соmраre  twо  соlumns  in  different  tаbles In  this,  we  will  understаnd  оverview  оf  SQL  query  fоr  required  орerаtiоn  tо  рerfоrm &nb...
posted Jul 3 sakshi 886 points
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In JavaScript standard also known as ECMAScript, equality operators such as comparison operator '==’ and '===’ are cannot be used directly to compare two objects. Hence objects instance are instantiated from different instance so ...
posted Jul 1 mhfaisal 415 points
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Hоw  tо  return  2  vаlues  frоm  а  funсtiоn  in  СIn this post, we will learn how we can return two values from a function in C language. 1. Pointers in CWe  саn  use  роinters  ...
posted Jul 1 sakshi 886 points
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How to initialize two dimensional array in java // java program to initiliaze a 2D array import java.io.*; class GFG { public static void main(String[] args) { // Declaration along with initialisation // 2D integer array wi...
posted May 22 Sanjana Sagar 499 points
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Display prime numbers between two intervals#include <stdio.h> int main() { int low, high, i, flag; printf("Enter two numbers(intervals): "); scanf("%d %d", &low, &high); printf("Prime numbers between %d and %d are: ", low, ...
posted May 20 Sanjana Sagar 499 points
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HOW TO COMPUTE THE NUMBER OF DAYS BETWEEN TWO DATES?First, we have to extract the integer values for the Year, Month and Day between two date strings. Then, we need a function e.g. f(d) to tell us the number of days since a fixed Date e.g. 1900-01-01...
posted May 20 Sanjana Sagar 499 points
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Comparing two arrays in javascript returning differences1. Using Array.prototype.filter() functionYou can use the filter() method to find the elements of the first array which are not in the second array. This filtering can be done using th...
posted May 19 Sanjana Sagar 499 points
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