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This article covers the approach I am using for this blog to prevent layout shifts from images as they load. This website is built with Gatsby.js, as a web framework and, as a headless CMS.Note: For a general approach using simple CSS and H...
posted Aug 9 dev 45 points
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​Whаt  is  Nаmesрасe  std  in  С++DefinitiоnNаmesрасes  рrоvide  а  sсорe  fоr  identifiers  (vаriаbles,  funсtiоns  etс)  within  оwn  deсlаrаtive  regiоn.  Nа...
posted Jul 11 sakshi 955 points
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Name validation in javascript using regular expressionThe REGEX (Regular Expression) is the easiest way to validate the Full Name (first name + last name) format in JavaScript. In the following code snippet, we will show you how to validate the first...
posted Jul 8 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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CUD Operations using Stored Procedures in Entity Framework 6 Code-First Approachclass Student { public int StudentId { get; set; } public string StudentName { get; set; } public DateTime DoB { get; set; } } Use the MapToStoredProcedu...
posted Jul 5 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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  // CPP program to illustrate // Different methods to find length // of a string #include <iostream> #include <string.h> using namespace std; int main() { // String obj string str = "GeeksforGeeks"; // 1. size of stri...
posted May 22 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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