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There are so many different data types in SQL Server that could be used to store the same type of data. For example, for storing numbers we have Integer, smallInt, bigInt, etc. All of these types are used to store the same type of data and we sometim...
posted Oct 1 Hafsa_Rao 390 points
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When you develop an application, you integrate your application with a database to store your data. In the Database-first approach, you create all the tables first and then integrate your database into the application. While creating tables, you are ...
posted Jul 7 Hafsa_Rao 390 points
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In a SQL language, the datatype of a column simply means what type of value the column can hold i.e integers, char, long and etc. In that, there are two data types that appear to be the same but have key differences that we will discuss here.CHAR DAT...
posted Jun 8 Being human 57 points
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What is the difference between varchar and nvarcharCHAR vs VARCHARTalking about the CHAR data type:It is a fixed length data typeUsed to store non-Unicode charactersOccupiers 1 byte of space for each characterIf the value provided to a vari...
posted May 22 Sanjana Sagar 399 points
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Key difference: Varchar and Varchar2 on do data type in Oracle. Varchar ignites variable-length character string. They are used to store rope. Varchar2 can store a string of cContents:  Key difference: Varchar and Varcha...
posted Mar 3 amna 2,525 points
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