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Content Writing

I hope you have read the requirement and payment rate carefully in advertisement.

This project is ongoing for people who want to learn, contribute and gain reputation and good review to develop their portfolio.

Please create/register with two accounts on www.kodlogs.com and ask question with one user and answer with another user:
> You can use 2-3 accounts later to ask questions, but use your personal account to answer questions.
> Please try to fill the entire profile section and upload real picture.

You can get started with any questions/topics from any sources in any programming technology you are familiar with (ie C#, C++, Python, Java etc).
Write question with one user and answer with another user.
Programming questions/topics would be shared with you after evaluating one sample post from you.

Things to take care of:

* Please write unique content, copied content/code line by line and word by words will be not acceptable, check grammar and spellings in grammarly or word document before posting.

* Use H1 Tag in Editor's Format menu to mark Question as "Problem" and again H1 to mark Answer as "Solution" ie see image 2 below.

* Use as much as H1, H2, H3 tags in content as this helps to rank content in google algorithm.

* Use code snippet in kodlog's editor to insert code see image 1 below.

* Use first word as capital in question title see image 2 below.

* Answer should be 200 plus words, max limit is 10,000 words.

* Search for Topic you are about to post before posting as it might be already posted in Kodlogs.

* If your post passes the evaluation milestone will be created for you on your chosen platform like freelancer etc.

* Payment will be released once you complete your milestone.

* Code Snippet is number 1 and Format is number 2 in following Image:

Image 1:

Programming Community

* Please make first letter of title upper case, please use "H1" format for "Solution" and "Answer" heading as shown in image below, you can find "H1"in format menu in code editor, please see image 1 above.

Image 2:

Programming Answers