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WinZip 18: How to encrypt and protect your files
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Take control of your privacy with WinZip 18by protecting the files you store in the cloudbefore you put them there.You can easily protect files when you share
via cloudservices by zipping and encrypting them firstwith WinZip's 128 or 256-bit AES encryption.AES encryption in WinZip offers users peace
of mindwhen sharing valuable personal or business
informationAnd when you upload files directly to the
cloud, WinZipwill automatically shred any temporary files
that werecreated in process.Take privacy protection into your own hands.
Integration with leading cloud services enables you toadd a layer of security before you upload
and share filesTo change the default level of encryption
in WinZip,select the Settings tab in WinZip's ribbon
menu,then Conversion Settings and Encryption.128-bit and 256-bit refer to the size of the
encryption keythat is used to encrypt the data. 256-bit
AES isstronger than 128-bit, but both of them can
providesignificantly greater security than a legacy
zip methodRemember that the security of your data depends
notonly on the strength of the encryption method
but alsoon the strength of your password.You can customize password requirements in
WinZip'sOptions dialog found here in the Settings
menu. Selectthe minimum character length and what character
typesmust be included, such as upper and lowercase letters,numeric characters and symbolsBy setting a password policy, you can configure
WinZipto only encrypt files once the password provided
meetsthe strength requirements you have defined.With a WinZip Pro license, System Administrators
inenterprise environments can install and lock
down apassword policy to meet their organization's
needs forpassword complexityWith WinZip 18, it's simple, safe and easy
to protectyour files from unauthorized access with banking-levelsecurity and strong password protection.To learn more or download a free trial, visit