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How to use Collections.sort java ? how to use collections.sort on arraylist? Is there collection.sort comparator?

How do you sort collections?

How do you use collections sort in ArrayList?

How do I sort a collection order in reverse?

Which algorithm is used in collections sort method?
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4 Answers

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java.util.Collections.sort() technique is available in java.util.Collections class.


Class Collections



Java Collections class furnishes us with an extremely advantageous technique Collections.sort() to sort all List executions, for example, LinkedList and ArrayList.

Accumulations class gives static techniques to arranging the components of a gathering. On the off chance that gathering components are of a Set kind, we can utilize TreeSet.

Following is the affirmation for java.util.Collections.sort() strategy.

open static <T broadens Comparable<? super T>> void sort(List<T> list)
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Collections.sort() methods are as following:

  1. sort(List list)
  2. sort(List list, Comparator c)
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private void CollectionToSort(List<String> wordsList) {
 Map<Integer, Set<String>> mapping = new HashMap<>();
 for (String word : wordsList) {
  mapping.computeIfAbsent(word.length(), HashSet::new).add(word);
 List<Integer> lengths = new LinkedList<>(mapping.keySet());
 lengths.forEach(n -> System.out.println(mapping.get(n).size() + " words with " + n + " chars"));
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