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Does JavaScript have a dictionary object?How to create a Dictionary with Key/Value pairs?

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3 Answers

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While JavaScript doesn't locally incorporate a sort called "Dictionary ", it contains an entirely adaptable sort called "Item". The JavaScript "Item" type is extremely adaptable since JavaScript is a powerfully composed language.

Making a Dictionary in JavaScript

While there's no "Word reference" type in JavaScript, it's quite simple to make and utilize a Dictionary object. The accompanying advances tell the best way to approach making and populating a Dictionary with Key/Value sets:

Stage 1: Create another Object

var dict = new Object();

/or the shorthand way

var dict = {};

You can likewise instate the Dictionary with Key/Value sets when making it in the event that you are utilizing the shorthand strategy.

var dict = {

FirstName: "Chris",

"one": 1,

1: "some worth"



Stage 2: Populate Values on the Object

This should be possible by either setting the qualities utilizing the Object's Indexer property, or simply calling it legitimately as though it were a standard property on the article. As you'll see beneath the Key qualities can be any item and are not constrained to Strings.

/utilizing the Indexer

dict["one"] = 1;

dict[1] = "one";

/direct property by name

/in light of the fact that it's a dynamic language

dict.FirstName = "Chris";

Emphasizing Key/Value Pairs

Access Key/Value Pairs Directly

var dicTest = {};

Object["yourProperty"] = esteem;

var point = { x:3, y:2 };



for(var key in Object.keys(dict)){

var esteem = dict[key];

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JavaScript gives us an approach to make a Dictionary item and use it same like a C# word reference. In spite of the fact that we would not be having every one of the properties that are upheld by C# word reference, we will probably utilize it as lexicon, for example in key worth organization.

function ExampleDictionary() {

var mths= new Array();

mth['Jan'] = 1;

mth['Feb'] = 2;

mth['Tuesday'] = 3;

mth['Wednesday'] = 4;

mth['Thursday'] = 5;

mth['Friday'] = 6;

mth['Saturday'] = 7;


work ShowMth() {





Objects also could be strored in dictionary.
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A dictionary  is an data structure that stores information as key-value sets.

The reason for the Dictionary class is the Array class.

What's the utilization of a Dictionary Data Structure? — With JavaScript

Wikipedia depicts it as the accompanying:

A word reference is a broadly useful information structure for putting away a gathering of items. A word reference has a lot of keys and each key has a solitary related worth. At the point when given a key, the word reference will restore the related worth.

For instance, a word reference could store the key worth sets of a pooch's name (key) and their titles (values):

const word reference = {

'Panda' : 'Brave Doggo',

'Kona' : 'Lap Pup',

'Tito' : 'Saint Hound',

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