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Unexpected End Of JSON Input Error Youtube Thumbnail Not Uploading?
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1 Answer

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How to add your custom thumbnail to YouTube even if you're getting that unexpected end of JSON input error?

There is way to still add your YouTube custom thumbnail.    First thing I will address is if you're using, Chrome you might want to try Firefox or Safari that might fix it. I just like  using Chrome so I wanted to find a way around it so in this tutorial  I'm going to show you step-by-step how to still use Chrome and you should still be able to    use your custom thumbnail for YouTube .

I'm    showing you how to fix this error okay so you might be frustrated your uploaded    your video you're trying to get your YouTube custom thumbnail to work and    it's not working . I know you're frustration so the first thing I will    say is the first two things to check is if you're in Chrome you might just want    to try Safari or Firefox that works sometimes so that's the first solution    that could be an easy fix for you if you're in chrome and you're getting some    mess ups then go try other browsers vice-versa same thing if you're in    another browser and it's not working go try Chrome try that first I mean me I    skip right over then I'm going to show you exactly how to do it because I like to use    Chrome so I figured out a way to stay in Chrome and use it but I'm going to show    you the mess up so what happens is we're going to click custom thumbnail I'll go to    my desktop here's the thumbnail I want to use I'm going to click open and boom    unexpected end of JSON input right you're getting this you price it in    their drive yourself nuts how do I do this I don't want these ugly images to    be there I want my custom thumbnail so what do we do I'm going to show you a    quick fix .

What you want to do is come over to try    studio beta right up to the left right here click on it let it open then click    on videos right here find the video that you recently loaded and click on it come    down here to custom thumbnail right here custom thumbnail click on that now pick    your thumbnail it open it's right there you see that's my custom thumbnail up to    the top right save it saved right up here now this takes a few minutes to    actually go through so if you're going to go check right away it might not be    there give it at least five minutes to actually upload and stick all right 5    or 10 minutes to upload and stick so give it a few minutes we'll go view on    YouTube what's not YouTube is everyone and what I'll do now is hit edit video.

 I    just want to see something and there it is see it's there so remember this is    the regular editor I like to use this as well but go into try studio beta edit    the video in there to add your custom thumbnail and that should work I hope    that helps so I know that tutorial was nice and short and sweet but it gets to    the point I hope that helps you fix this error and now you can upload your videos    not be frustrated to get your custom thumbnails up by using that little hack    if you found this video helpful please like and share it share with any of your    fellow entrepreneurs out there or anyone else that's into business advice mindset    this is the type of content I'll be putting out so again if you're not    subscribed definitely hit that subscribe button below and I'll see you in the    next video    

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