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What is .NET Runtime Optimization Service ?

What is Mscorsvw EXE? Why has it stopped working? Its showing high cpu usage,

its consumin all my Ram and memory, any suggestions?
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If  a service called dotnetframework taking up 90% 99% of the CPU power as guest can see here on the picture now this happened recently when updated to and actually happened to me updated to the latest version here as you   can see version 1903 Windows 1019 verse 1 1903 and this happened straightaway I turned on my computer and then I felt it was really slow I opened up Google Chrome and what happened it took literally three minutes to open up a Google Chrome tab and all up just because of this service stupid service it's I think it's a bug that Microsoft didn't fix or they might be you know working on a fix I think many people run into the issue because it happened onlywhen I updated to Windows so many people will be updating obviously and maybenoticing this and some people might notnotice it but for me I did notice it andI'll show you   the fix for it it'sreally simple copy and paste twocommands and you're done really easy soif you're scared of running commandsdon't worry just copy them it will notyou will not mess with the computeranything I'm not gonna go and f what itdoes and but it only messes with someregistry files and that will fix theissue it's a bugsomething that Microsoft you know messedup and when released update it might nothappen to all the people but for me ithappened so I guess the fake stompyscare is really simple just copy and paste it will not do anything to a computer and I run them here live againjust to show you   that it doesn't do anything to the computer so let's begin first of all you need to open up a command prompt obviously CMD and run it as an administrator click on yes here and you'll be on this page now I'll put the commands in the description   so here are the commands the first one if you're running32-bit you choose this command and then you run this command if you're running64-bit like me you choose this command then you run this command as well now I'm running 64-bit so obviously I am going to be running this command here so let’s copy it and then we're going to bepasting it here and then click on enter that's it perfect now first step is done the second command here copy and paste now if running 32-bit as I mentioned  you run the first command and then this at the last one click on enter and there you go it will run now I've already done it as just you see it says all compare all the compilation targets are up to date and I've already made already no done this I fixed my computer about three   it will start doing some things in the background here as it will don't be scared you'll see somethings running here but you need to wait for it it might take up to 3 minutes to finish now as you   can see I can't really show you the process but the process can take up to 3 minutes I've already done it because it says I'm up to date so I can't really show you   the process but this is a fix   have any questions   tell me down below now after you run this command recommend restarting in computer and you don’t need to do that I didn't restart mine and then I saw you know let's go tithe task manager right now my computer is perfectly fixed here and this is just the screen recording taking up some CPU power but it really matter and a few   I recommend restarting your computer just you know to be safe and that you know make sure everything in fixed now

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