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I want to open a new tab/window and do some writing of custom HTML on it?

I tried following with fails:'','','width=500,height=200')

myWindow.document.write("<p>Hello 'World'</p>")


I also tried:'<html><head></head><body>'Hello World'</body></html>');

Can anyone show me what wrong i am doing?
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2 Answers

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How to Open URL in New Tab using JavaScript with Content

javascript open new tab with content

We have been using <a> tag of HTML to open a new link URL but there might be need to open a new tab with content using Javascript. How do we do this?

Using method we can open a URL in a new tab.'', '_blank');

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More Example to open a new tab with content or without content in Javascript:


Open "" in a new browser tab:"");

Definition of open

This method opens browser in new window or a new tab based on your browser capabilities set up.

Browser Supported

IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Syntax for open, name, specs, replace)


var myWindow ="", "", "width=100,height=50");


Showingopening a new window and writing content on it

var win ="", "MsgWin", "width=100,height=50");

myWindow.document.write("<p>Hello World</p>");


Replacing exisitng window with a new window:

var win ="", "_self");

myWindow.document.write("<p>Replacing exisitng window.</p>");


Appearance of new window:"", "_blank", "toolbar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,top=400,left=400,width=300,height=300");


multiple tabs opening windows with:"", "width=);"");


Example of close() for closing the window:

function openWin() {

  win ="", "win", "width=200,height=100");   // opening new window


function closeWin() {

  win.close();   // Closing the new window



Using the name property to return the name of the new window:

var win ="", "Msgwin", "width=100,height=80");

myWindow.document.write("<p>Hello World"</p>");

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