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Problem :

I am always getting below error while working with JavaFX,

exception in application start method java.lang.reflect.invocationtargetexception

I am getting the error while trying below code

// main window
    public void mainWindow() {
        try {
            // view
            FXMLLoader loader = new FXMLLoader(Main.class.getResource("/MainWindowView.fxml"));
            AnchorPane pane = loader.load();
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1 Answer

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Possible Cause:

It seems "/" is given at the beginning of the path for "FXMLLoader".

Solution :

If you are using code as below:

FXMLLoader fxmloader = new FXMLLoader(Main.class.getResource("/MainWindowView.fxml")); 

Then please remove the "/" given at the beginning of the path for "FXMLLoader" as below

FXMLLoader fxmloader = new FXMLLoader(Main.class.getResource("MainWindowView.fxml"));

And your issue will be resolved.


Please dont give the "/" at the beginning of the path for "FXMLLoader".

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