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I have built and application using Firebase. I am using Mac machine and able not to make application work.

I have checked SDK tools in the SDK Manager. I am getting error message as following don't know what is causing this any help?

w/dynamitemodule: local module descriptor class for com.google.firebase.auth not found.
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1 Answer

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Some of the resolution that might work are:

Solution 1:

* See if you are using  Anonymous state ie Go to Firebase Console < Authentication < SIGN-IN METHOD

If you are using Anonymous state enable Email/Password state to login.

*   Check if the device you are testing with is running  or later.

*  Make sure device you are on is Google Play Services 9.0.0 or later version

Solution 2:

Add exception to debug the code and see the exact reason behind the problem like following:

   if (!task.isSuccessful()) {

    Log.e(TAG, "onComplete: Failed=" + task.getException().getMessage());


Solution 4:

SHA1 Key in my firebase project configuration should be in place, missing SHA1 key may cause this issue.

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