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Problem :

 We have a few Windows Desktop Apps written in VB.2010 and VB.2017 that have been running for quite a while at numerous clients. At that point a week ago Tues, Nov 13, 2018 we began getting clients messages and considers saying the applications are getting a mistake 1004/0x800A03EC. No application refreshes where made. Worked one day at that point halted. It doesn't flop here. Taken a stab at 4 distinct frameworks. W7/Excel 2013, W10 w/Office 365/Excel 2016. The disappointments have occurred on W10, 7 and 2012 R2. Applications are simply reading the excel file.

Installation of the Proof of Purchase from the ACPI table failed. Error code: 0xC004F057. Just 2 prior was The Software Protection service is starting. Parameters:caller=EXCEL.EXEwhich

to me demonstrates that some segment in Windows doesn't think it is authentic. I realize that on the framework that got the blunder above the two Windows 2012 R2 and Office are real. I am certain this is a MS bug. Would someone be able to point me the correct way and ideally a MS fix?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

We found the issue yet not clear why. Our code was utilizing a range estimation of

Ss = "A" & Row & "." & ColNames(UsedColsSht) & Row + 1
s = ws.Range(Ss).value

Note: that a period was utilized so the range was something like A1.C3 This keeps on working in 7 of our 8 frameworks that we have seen yet when we utilized this configuration in the excel screen we got a #Field! error. This is another Excel conduct. Changing our applications to utilize a colon rather than a period tackled the issue. So the range is currently

Ss = "A" & Row & "." & ColNames(UsedColsSht) & Row + 1

 Again it worked in many frameworks and that can't be clarified. There was nothing in the occasion logs and the first posting in the header was a bogus caution.

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