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Problem: Hello! I want to know the correct answer to the above mentioned question. Please provide the detailed explanation as I am a beginner and I do not have alot of knowledge.
asked Jan 19 Code Learner 5.8k points
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Problem: My code asks for data and fills it to the array. Then check if they are even. And it should print the data which is even. The data filling if you do it correctly. But at the time of printing I only get this - The number 0 in position [0] is even #include <iostream> using namespace std; int ... { cout << "The number" << * p ++ << "in position [" << i << "] is even \ n"; } } return 0; }
asked Dec 5, 2020 sasha 8.7k points
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Problem: The program deals with an ATM, which has 5 options: 1 check balance. 2 Withdraw money. 3 Deposit money. 4 show last 5 movements. 5 exit. My problem is in the last 5 movements, since I must save the data, that is, the inquiries withdrawals and deposits that the user makes, with ... in a moment ...." << endl; Sleep (10000); system ("cls"); menu_of_operations (); break; } } while (opc <5); }
asked Nov 5, 2020 sasha 8.7k points
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I have to read a file that has this format: Id: 23 Name: Roberto Last Name: My Last Name Id: 24 Name: Roberto2 Last Name: My Last Name2 And I have to read that file to be able to work with that data but I don't know how to read it. I have a struct created as follows: struct Data {      int Id;      string Name;      string Surname; }; How do I go about having that data in an array?
asked Aug 17, 2020 game 4.6k points
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