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TypeError during django project Got this message on the error page: TypeError at /music/1/ detail() got an unexpected keyword argument 'pk' Request Method: GET Request URL: Exception Type: TypeError detail() got an unexpected keyword argument 'pk' This ... , # /music/<album_id>/favorite url(r'^(?P<album_id>[0-9]+)/favorite/$', views.favorite, name = 'favorite'), ]
asked Nov 9 kevin muturi 220 points
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I want to run a Django application in PyCharm which works on MySQL DB. I am unable to connect my program to the database. When I am trying to install MySQLclient or MySQL-python I am getting the error: Failed building wheel for MySQLclient Please help me out in connecting my Django program with MySQL database.
asked Oct 24 psandprop 2.4k points
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I downloaded python 3.8.6 on windows 10 and need some guidance on how to install Django
asked Oct 1 turpotu 140 points
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Problem: I am facing this error in my logs with the django app. Initially I thought such errors tend to occur if using Python 2.x but in my virtual environment you can see Python - 3.6.5. Django - 2.0.7. VESTA Control Panel with the wsgi. My Error ... '] = 'main.settings' -import django.core.handlers.wsgi application = django.core.handlers.wsgi.WSGIHandler() I will be very happy for any help.
asked Aug 24 Raphael Pacheco 4.9k points
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Problem: I have freshly migrated my project from the old python2 to the new python3 and it has hundreds of the ForeignKey relations. I have very basic knowledge related to python. Using a solution to go line by line and add on_delete argument is not the possible. What ... it does not look like catching it somehow. Looking for a Python expert who can try to fix my above Python error very quickly.
asked Jul 15 Raphael Pacheco 4.9k points
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Problem: I have fundamental knowledge of Django. I have learned Django with the help of online tutorials. Recently I have started working on Django. I have recently tried to upgrade my Django to the Django 1.10. Since then I am often facing below error: TypeError: ... ), ] I have only fundamental knowledge about Django so unable to fix the above error. Kindly help me in fixing above Django error.
asked Jun 8 Martin K 6.6k points
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Problem : I am a Computer Science Student. I want to develop my website by using Django 2.1.3 and python 3.7.1. If I try to go to my websites homepage then i often face below error: Traceback: File "C:\Users\Martin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\ ... TypeError at / Exception Value: __init__() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given Please guide me in fixing my above django related error.
asked May 14 Martin K 6.6k points
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Problem: I installed django in my system then I restarted my system. After restarting my system when i try to run this command to check if django is available in my system: django-admin --version But it shows the error message: django-admin --version 'django-admin' is not ... batch file. I installed django in my system then why it is not showing now. How can I fix this problem. Thanks in advance.
asked May 4 samhaz 5k points
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Problem : I am very new to Django. My current task is to store the form field variable with the help of Django cache and I have already added the Django form in my view. I am often facing below error and as I am very new to Django so unable to understand the below ...         form = Formulary() return render(request, 'form.html', {'form' : form}) I am looking for Django expert to fix above error.
asked May 1 stewart 4k points
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Problem: Hello all, I am trying to play with python and completed writing a code. My codes are supposed to create a new note. Unfortunately, I messed up something in the script and it&rsquo;s not working as I expected. Find my sample script snippet below and have a look ... . So, in the end I am posting here to get responses from you guys. Thanks for your valuable time. I must recognize your help.
asked Apr 26 Gavin 15.3k points
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Problem : I am very new to Django. I have recently installed the Django app and now I am trying to set it up with the Gunicorn first and soon after with the Supervisor and Nginx. My Django app is running with a normal Django command as expected for ... reason, self.WORKER_BOOT_ERROR) gunicorn.errors.HaltServer: <HaltServer 'Worker failed to boot.' 3> Can some expert help me in fixing above error?
asked Apr 17 stewart 4k points
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Problem : I am very new to MySQL Server. I am newly assigned to this MySQL Server project. If I try to connect with the local MySQL server during my assigned test suite it shows me the below error: "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/ ... that exception I can connect with my exact same parameters. I am very confused about above error. Can some expert help me in fixing it?
asked Apr 8 morrisBson 3.2k points
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Problem: I learnt pyhton programming and I am new to django. I installed django in my system using some command : pip install virtualenvwrapper-win mkvirtualenv test workon test pip install django It shows me that I have installed django in my system but when I ... not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Can anyone help me to solve out this problem?
asked Apr 4 LizzyM 6.1k points
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Problem: I am new in django I was trying some code to get and post some data. I wrote a code: from rest_framework.views import APIView from rest_framework.response import Response from rest_framework import status from rest_framework import viewsets from profiles_api import ... HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource (HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL) Can anyone help?
asked Mar 23 LizzyM 6.1k points