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Problem: What is the solution? >Problem copying the file with the following error code 5.
asked May 10 Ashok Dileep 6.7k points
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Problem: I am getting this .. can you help me to solve it? How to increment a variable in python
asked Apr 27 Ifra 37.2k points
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Problem: Is anyone available to assist me and resolve this issue? What will be the values of x and y as a result of the following code? int x = 12, y = 5; x += y--;
asked Apr 21 Ifra 37.2k points
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Problem: Hi there! I am confused in while loops and I need to write a program in which a value is taken as input from the user. If the value is less than 0, the program should increment it by 5 as long as the value remains less than 0. As the value becomes greater than or equal to 0, it should print the number of times the value has been incremented and the final value. Any help??
asked Jan 21 Code Learner 9.9k points
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Problem: What are the increment and decrement operators and what is the difference between ++a and a++?
asked Dec 21, 2020 prog_learner 2.5k points
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Problem: Hello! I tried running following program: class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { int x = 9; while (x++ < 10) Console.WriteLine(x); Console.ReadKey(); } } The output that I assumed was nothing but a blank screen because x++ = 9 ... 10 I am unable to understand the output. I want to know how that output was generated and in what manner the conditions and operators are evaluated.
asked Nov 28, 2020 Code Learner 9.9k points
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Problem: I am working with loops. My query is that can I increment a foor loop by 2? If yes, then how? Please explain in detail and with syntax and examples because I am a newbie and have no experience in programming. Thanks
asked Oct 15, 2020 Code Learner 9.9k points
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Problem: Hello guys, I just started learning computer programming. Everything is freaking new to me here. One of my friends mentioned the forum for taking help regarding the programming problems. Anyway, I have picked up the Python programming language as I&rsquo;ve heard it is ... does it mean in Python? Could you please explain it in simple words? I must recognise your help, mate. Thanks again.
asked Jun 27, 2020 adamSw 11.3k points
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