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v = tf.Variable(0) update = tf.compat.v1.assign(v, v+1) init_op = tf.compat.v1.global_variables_initializer() tf.compat.v1.disable_eager_execution() with tf.compat.v1.Session() as session: session.run(init_op) print(session.run(v)) for _ in range(3): session.run(update) print(session.run(v))
asked Jun 21, 2020 roshan
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Problem : I am very new to Jupyter. I have already installed the Jupyter on my PC. My Configuration is as follows: Windows 10, python 3.x I used below command to install Jupyter. $ pip install jupyter The installation process completed without any issues. But ... “'jupyter' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” How to fix above error?
asked Feb 13, 2020 mphil 2.3k points
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Problem : Recently I installed the python3 and also jupyter notebook using the pip3 on MacOs 10.9. But when I want to run my widget it gives me error that there is no javascript widget. I have the python3 and R kernels installed in my Jupyter-notebook. ... that in my mac I have the jupyter-nbextension command but the command: jupyter-nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension Does not work for me.
asked Jan 27, 2020 jwilliam 3.9k points
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Problem : When I am trying to execute jupyter notebook in the virtual environment in my Arch Linux, the below error occurred. “Error executing Jupyter command 'notebook': [Errno 2] No such file or directory” The python version is 3.6, and the jupyter version is 4.3.0 I have researched a lot, but I am just unable to find anything relevant to above issue.
asked Jan 3, 2020 alecxe 7.5k points
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Problem : I am trying to view an image in the Jupyter notebook as below. It's size is 9.9MB .png file. from IPython.display import Image Image(filename='path_to_image/image.png') I am facing the following error : IOPub data rate exceeded. The notebook server ... for me and also I think it got already reported elsewhere. Is this the expected behavior and is there any simple solution on it?
asked Dec 11, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
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Problem : I installed python3 and jupyter notebook using pip3 in MacOs 10.9. When I try to run the widget it gives error that there is no javascript widget as below widget javascript not detected. it may not be installed or enabled properly.
asked Oct 22, 2019 peterlaw 6.9k points
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