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Problem: I'm trying to add a database-enabled JSP to an existing Tomcat 5.5 application (GeoServer 2.0.0, if that helps). The app itself talks to Postgres just fine, so I know that the database is up, user can access it, all that good stuff. ... /jstl/core" prefix="c" %> <sql:query var="rs" dataSource="jdbc/mmas"> select current_validstart as ValidTime from runoff_forecast_valid_time </sql:query>
asked Feb 20 Ali 5.4k points
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Problem: The error "java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test" occurs when you try to connect MySQL database running on your localhost, listening on port 3306 port from Java program but either you don't have MySQL JDBC driver in your classpath or driver is not registered before calling the getConnection() method
asked Feb 19 Ali 5.4k points
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Problem: Java program to demonstrate this error. This program reproduce this error by first leaving out the required JDBC JAR from classpath and also not explicitly registering the driver before use by not calling Class.forName() method.
asked Feb 18 Ali 5.4k points
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Problem: I have fundamental knowledge in PHP. I have recently written a PHP script which connects to my database setup up with the MAMP. But it does not seem to be able to connect to my database. Each and every time I tried the script has failed with the below message ... ($myresult)) {                 echo $row['username'] . "<br>";         } else {                 echo "Fail";         } ?>
asked Jun 16, 2020 Raphael Pacheco 4.9k points
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Problem : I am trying to use the reCaptcha but I am facing below error &ldquo;Localhost is not in the list of supported domains for this site key.&rdquo; I want to develop my website using the PHP and also I want to make the human verification in one of my sessions. So ... running my system locally and when my system is ready I want to put it on in the certain domain. How can I fix above error?
asked Mar 31, 2020 morrisBson 3.2k points
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Problem : I am new to MySql. The problem started when I was unable to login to Mysql using my Mysql console. It is repeatedly asking me the password and now I am unable to remember my password. Can I change my password ? And now when I am trying to open my PhpMyAdmin ... WAMP and after that deleted all my related files and then reinstalled it .But it did not fix my issue. How can I fix the issue ?
asked Feb 26, 2020 mphil 2.3k points
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