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Recent questions tagged wordpress

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1 answer 8 views
Problem: I am very new to Wordpress. I have recently encountered below problem with my Wordpress site: Error: You are currently editing the page that shows your latest posts." If I try to create any new page or any new post of any of the custom post type then ... . I tried setting ID as the primary key in the wp-posts table. Nothing really works. Kindly guide me in fixing above Wordpress issue.
asked 3 days ago Raphael Pacheco 500 points
1 vote
1 answer 11 views
Problem: I have very basic knowledge of WordPress.Recetly I have started working on WordPress project. If I try to install any plugin or any of the theme then all of sudden the WordPress starts giving me below error : "Installation failed: Download failed. No working transports ... unable to fix it. So I am looking for someone who is expert in WordPress and who can help me in fixing above error.
asked Jun 12 Martin K 6.6k points
1 vote
1 answer 17 views
Problem: I have gained fundamental knowledge on PHP programming after going through online tutorials. Now I am trying to debug the issue related with WP_cron() so I have tried to write the very short app to list the cron() tasks which are pending as shown below. <? php ... -wp-cron-test.php on line 12 Is there anything basic which I am missing about the building of a very simple plugin in PHP?
asked May 30 Martin K 6.6k points
1 vote
1 answer 14 views
Problem : Currently I am facing the below issue with one of my website where I am displaying the products randomly. Woocommerce this product is currently out of stock and unavailable. If I go to my WordPress admin and then click on update button for my product and without ... my problem. So I need to find some way to fix my above listed problem permanently so that it will not come back itself.
asked Apr 27 stewart 4k points
1 vote
1 answer 32 views
Problem : I am very new to the Wordpress programming world. I am facing below error. &ldquo;Is currently unable to handle this request. http error 500 wordpress&rdquo;. There is no information present in above error so I am unable to fix above error. Can somebody help me in fixing above error?
asked Mar 30 morrisBson 3.2k points
0 votes
1 answer 54 views
Problem : I am very new to Wordpress. I am facing below error if I look into my fire bug console. &ldquo;Uncaught typeerror: jquery.easing[jquery.easing.def] is not a function&rdquo; Currently I am trying to create the slider on wordpress. I am currently working on my ... file and outside of wordpress. But if it is in wordpress then it gives me above error. Can a beginner like me fix above error?
asked Feb 28 mphil 2.3k points
0 votes
1 answer 28 views
Problem : I manage some of my WordPress,WooCommerce online shops which are running problem free from few years now. In recent times, we have noticed that the transactions via Paypal have not been working for us. I tried to process the order myself using the PayPal and ... saying that "there is not a problem with PayPal" So without even pulling apart the WooCommerce code, How can I fix the issue.
asked Jan 3 alecxe 7.5k points
1 vote
1 answer 34 views
Problem : Yesterday I just logged in into the admin mode and WordPress showed me that there is the newer version it showed me two installations first is english language and the my language, so I just clicked on my version. After the update my website is unable ... for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
asked Dec 28, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
1 vote
1 answer 39 views
Problem : I am very new to the php as well as the wordpress but because of some reason I had to work with the wordpress only. So just to begin that I refered the tutorial and created the wordpress theme of my own and after that I simply tried to ... my upload_max_filesize, post_max_size and memory_limit as well still I am facing the same error.Please note : Currently I am using Wordpress 3.5.2.
asked Dec 28, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
1 vote
1 answer 18 views
Problem : I have created the web application and trying to host my site using the wordpress. But when I try to search the name of my site in goole it is showing me below error : A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt the ... I know nothing about that error if someone could help me here Why is this happening to my site. Is there any problem in my site?
asked Dec 27, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
0 votes
1 answer 26 views
Problem : I have currently inherited my webpage account for our office. But when I go to the logs in my webpage admin section it shows me the below error:- This page isn't working is currently unable to handle this request. http error 500 I was told by the ... him log back in. I have also tried almost everything to get it back up and running. Does anyone know any solution on this issue?
asked Dec 19, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
0 votes
1 answer 61 views
Problem : My blog feed showing me following error today: This page contains the following errors: error on line 2 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error
asked Dec 6, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
0 votes
1 answer 39 views
Problem : I have recently migrated my Wordpress data to the new server. After the migration I am unable to upload any media file. On the dashboard the error is shown as follows : "Upload folder is not writable. Export and file upload features will not be functional."
asked Dec 5, 2019 alecxe 7.5k points
1 vote
1 answer 30 views
Problem : When ever I try to install theme on wamp server it shows me following error download failed. there are no http transports available which can complete the requested request.
asked Nov 11, 2019 peterlaw 6.9k points
0 votes
1 answer 41 views
Problem : I am getting bellow Wordpress error download failed. error:0d0890a1:asn1 encoding routines:asn1_verify:unknown message digest algorithm
asked Nov 7, 2019 peterlaw 6.9k points
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