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Problem : Whenever I want to open a mysql in my windows cmd by simply typing mysql. I am facing below error : “ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ODBC@localhost (using password: NO)” After that by looking at similar queries I somehow got the ... password=root ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'admin'@'localhost' (using password:NO) Any pointers will be the great help.
edited Jan 27, 2020
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Problem : Write an expression that prints "special number" if specialnum is -99, 0, or 44.
asked Jan 14, 2020
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Problem : I have the very unique question from the programming background. They want me to write the function which should multiply (a) and (b) but not writing it like below one: multiplyfunc(a,b){ return a*b; } They want me to do a math with below approach multiplyfunc(a)(b) Is it possible to do it?
asked Jan 14, 2020
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Problem : When I was trying to run the Mongod in terminal I got below message : 2020-01-14T17:33:04.554+0700 I STORAGE [initandlisten] exception in initAndListen: 29 Data directory /data/db not found., terminating 2020-01-14T17:33:04.554+0700 I CONTROL [initandlisten] dbexit ... src/mongo/shell/mongo.js:179 exception: connect failed I am using the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit. How can I fix this issue?
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : When I wanted to install my module 'pymc' through the anaconda environments, it showed me the below error message: UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be in conflict: · blaze -> pyyaml -> python[version='>=2.7,<2.8.0a0'] -> vc=9 · blaze -> ... 2.7.14, and I also installed anaconda 1.6.9 on the Windows. I am very new to Python. How can I resolve the above error?
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I am trying to ssh to the server but that is asking for the diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 key exchange method as below: ​ssh Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 ​ How can I enable the diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 key exchange method on the Debian 8.0?
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : Currently I am trying to use TortoiseGit on Windows. But when I want to Clone from a context menu of my standard Windows Explorer, I face below error: Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists How can I make my git work properly?
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I am unable to solve my link problem. Can anybody help on to this to link the CSS and JS File? I am facing below error : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost:8080/RetailSmart/jsp/ ... .js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost:8080/RetailSmart/jsp/Jquery/prettify.js
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I am trying to enter numbers for my array br_el[6], and also I want it to show me for what object I am entering my number! So when I want to compile it gives me the below error: "[Error] cannot pass objects of non-trivially-copyable type 'std::string {aka ... declare the string qr_naziv[6]; but my string didn't even bold so it didn't work for me, so looking for the solution on my error ?
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I am facing the below error while trying to execute my below command in linux for installing the oracle on EC2 instance. $./runInstaller Starting Oracle Universal Installer... Checking Temp space: must be greater than 500 MB. Actual 9321 MB Passed ... Failed <<<< Some requirement checks have failed. You must fulfill these requirements before Anyone who knows the solution on my error?
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I want to tell you that I have researched a lot for this issue but without a solution. I have created the loop that will go throw my listBox1 and that contains the links, each time creating the http GET request in order to access my full source ... it's the problem with my certificate as otherwise I would still get the error when I removed my loop. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I have installed the fresh copy of the Centos 7. Then I just restarted Apache but my Apache failed to start. I am stuck with the bellow error from past 5 days. Even my support could not figure out the below error. sudo service httpd start Failed to ... could not bind to address Jan 04 16:08:02 startdedicated.de httpd[5710]: no listening sockets available, shutting down
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I am struggling to find out what is actually happening with my code. My scripts were working fine for some time and suddenly they have half stopped. I am trying to access my api and I am getting back the access token. With my access token, I can access ... to use sessions on the site to keep track of the internal user ids. Unable to know if my sessions could be causing the problem.
asked Jan 10, 2020
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Problem : I am trying to use the native base for making app in the react-native. I am very new to both things. When I try to run the app It gives me below error: &ldquo;Module appregistry is not a registered callable module (calling runapplication)&rdquo;Below is my code for ... </Header>             </Container>         );     } } My native-base version is as follows "native-base": "^2.1.2"
asked Jan 9, 2020
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Problem : After updating my android studio to android studio 2.3 I facing below error message. I know it is giving me just the hint as my app is running normally but it looks really strange. &ldquo;All com.android.support libraries must use the exact same version ... 1, 24.0.0. Examples include com.android.support:animated-vector-drawable:25.1.1 and com.android.support:mediarouter-v7:24.0.0&rdquo;
asked Jan 9, 2020
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Problem : I am unable to understand what am I missing here: Sort my_short_names in reverse alphabetic order. The sample output from the given program as below : ['Tody', 'Samy', 'Joey', 'Jany', 'Anny'] Below is my code for your reference : my_short_names = ['Jany', 'Samy', 'Anny', 'Joey', 'Tody'] my_short_names.sort() print(my_short_names)
asked Jan 8, 2020
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Problem : I am often facing the below error when I want to Debug from my Eclipse IDE. Message: &ldquo;Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection Refused&rdquo; How can I fix this error?
edited Jan 8, 2020
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Problem : I often face below error after making the trivial React example page: &ldquo;Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation: _registerComponent(...): Target container is not a DOM element.&rdquo; Below is my code: /** The @jsx React.DOM */ 'use strict'; var MyReact = require('react'); ... > <head>  <script src="/mybundle.js"></script> </head> <body> </body> </html> What does the above error mean?
asked Jan 7, 2020
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Problem : I am trying to figure out the good way to load the JSON objects in the Python. I send below json data: {'http://example.org/about': {'http://purl.org/dc/terms/title': [{'type': 'literal', 'value': "Anna's Homepage"}]}} To my backend where it ... 1 column 2 (char 1)&rdquo; I did lot of research on it but nothing seems to work for me. Any suggestions on my issue will be much appreciated.
asked Jan 7, 2020
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Problem : I am facing error on below step objUDMCountryStandards.Country = txtMySearchCountry.Text.Trim() != string.Empty ? txtMySearchCountry.Text : null; in the get grid data throws error as below : &ldquo;The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it.&rdquo; Is there anything wrong with my code?
asked Jan 7, 2020